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Genetic Engineering

Mastering transgenic over-expression strategies

Our labs currently work on selection of most productive algal strain that will maximise biofuel production. Published literature confirms that Chlorella sp. 800, Chlorella sp. 313, and C. minutissima 494, produce greater biomass than Chlorella vulgaris

We follow a unique research process where we genetically engineer the most productive alga adopting

transgenic over-expression strategies to increase production of triglycerols (TAG)

over-expression of genes involved in TAG assembly to enhance production of lipids

blocking metabolic pathways to increase energy-rich storage compounds

transgenic over-expression of thioesterases to change fatty-acid chain length, for maximizing the yield of biofuel, and

in-vivo conversion of fatty acids to biofuel through simultaneous over-expression of ethanol-producing genes

Our invention is pending a United States Patent.

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